List of Trees to plant in PARA area

///List of Trees to plant in PARA area
List of Trees to plant in PARA area2018-08-31T08:39:03-04:00

Our Urban Forest committee would like to share our latest news.

The tree species the City currently offers can be found at but for your convenience here is the list of trees we at PARA have been hoping people will choose to plant in our neighbourhood. Many of them are native and long lived trees which will hopefully fill in and/or replace the existing tree canopy.

  1. Red Oak
  2. Bur Oak
  3. Swamp White Oak
  4. Sugar Maple
  5. Red Maple
  6. Skyline Honey Locust
  7. Kentucky Coffee Tree
  8. Tulip Tree
  9. Sweet Gum
  10. London Plane Tree
  11. Redbud (smaller, understory tree for smaller planting sites)
  12. Black Maple

The best time to plant a tree is in the spring or fall when the weather is cooler and wetter. This does not mean you can’t plant in the summer but the tree will require a lot more watering for it to survive the heat of the summer. Trees need to be planted properly, that is, all wrapping and other coverings around the root ball should be removed. The tree trunk at its base should not be covered with soil or mulch. A treegator is a great watering aid. Simply wrap it around the tree and fill at least once a week.

We encourage all residents to choose native species as they are better suited to survive in the Playter Urban Forest. We also encourage all residents to consider planting a tree or shrub in their sideyard or backyard. LEAF, a non-profit organization, can also help with species selection and planting of trees, shrubs and plants. See

If you have any other questions:Drop us an email at consider joining our committee and planting more trees.