Recent Work and Accomplishments

//Recent Work and Accomplishments
Recent Work and Accomplishments2018-09-10T10:03:31-04:00

PARA’s Recent Work and Accomplishments

As PARA was revived, a new structure was put in place.  A PARA Board of Directors was formed and four new PARA Committees were established.  The PARA Committees are:

  1. Urban Forest and Beautification
  2. Parking and Traffic
  3. Planning and Development
  4. Social/Membership

The Urban Forest and Beautification Committee became so busy that they have each become their own separate, though related Committees so in fact there are now 5 Committees!

Committees are intended to be fluid entities and may arise or end as issues and needs change.

Each committee takes on a topic or segment of concern for the neighbourhood.  Membership is formed entirely from our own community.  Members organize themselves and liaise and report as necessary to the PARA Board of Directors.  All neighbours are welcomed and encouraged to take part in a PARA Committee to ensure PARA can continue its good works.

In the last 3 years we have accomplished a great deal!  Thanks to PARA volunteers we have:

  • Created this community website
  • Initiated a PARA Newsletter that is distributed several times per year to improve communication
  • Committed to a minimum of a yearly Annual General Meeting (April) and a General Membership Meeting (October) to come together, discuss issues of concern and plan solidly for effective efforts
  • Fundraised and developed a comprehensive Urban Forest Plan and created an Inventory of Trees within Playter Estates. These initiatives have been used to plan effectively with City Forestry for suitable trees along our streets and boulevards as our majestic maples near the end of their lifespan
  • Liaised with City agencies such as Toronto Parking Authority for local improvements to offset some environmental concerns (like “heat island effect”) at local parking lots
  • Developed a Beautification Plan with several significant components to improve the neighbourhood and celebrate its important history to the City – and we have begun fundraising to implement those plans
  • Worked with City agencies and our City Councillor to improve parking and traffic issues
  • Contributed to the new Broadview Avenue Plan that has set new height and density zoning rules for Broadview Avenue north of the Danforth. This will protect the west side of Playter Estates from overly high-rise development while still supporting improvements and intensification of that area
  • Monitored and had representation at a variety of local and provincial forums regarding development proposals that would affect our neighbourhood
  • Partnered with the ROM and created a local heritage walk, an opportunity for residents to learn more about the history and architecture of the neighbourhood. Ticket sales also helped fundraising for the Beautification Project
  • Begun to liaise with Heritage Toronto to promote their Century House Plaques to celebrate the age and architectural integrity of the homes in Playter Estates

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