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Role and Responsibilities

The PARA Parking Committee should not be confused with Councillor Fragedakis’ Playter Estates Parking and Traffic Working Group that has been ongoing for 3+ yrs and began just as PARA was revived.  The Working Group has street representatives who each volunteered for their street to speak about the very local issues just for their given street within PARA.  Whereas the PARA Parking Committee was formed from an interested group at one of the original PARA “start-up” meetings and it was intended to look at the neighbourhood as a whole.

The PARA Parking Committee is PARA’s own initiative and it was set up to be the longer-term monitor of parking, traffic and other issues for the neighbourhood.  While it has been concerned with many of the same issues being considered in the Working Group (which has led to some confusion), it is meant to continue on after the Working Group ends.   The PARA Parking Committee would consider and follow a variety of pertinent issues.  For example, it is important to monitor the status of possible bike lanes on “our” section of Danforth Ave. and consider what effect that initiative may have on our neighbourhood.   Likewise, when development occurs – be it a new business or a residential unit – what effect will that have on parking and traffic in Playter Estates? How will deliveries be made?  Has reasonable parking been provided for customers?

A member of the PARA Parking Committee has also represented PARA on yet another Working Group, one set up with the Toronto Parking Authority (TPA).  Discussions there have focussed on several environmental and aesthetic issues pertaining to the TPA lot at Erindale and Ellerbeck.

For almost three years Bowen Tritter served as Chair of the PARA Parking Committee.  We are presently inviting those interested to join the committee and someone to take a leadership role and help determine the future scope for the Committee.  Please join us.  This Committee can be a great asset for our community!

For more information or to join the PARA Parking Committee, please email