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Feel Free to Contact Our Committees

  • PARA Urban Forest-Rolf Struthers is Chair
  • PARA Beautification  – Anne Ellis is  Chair
  • PARA Planning & Development – Liz Lundell is Chair
  • PARA Parking and Traffic
  • PARA Social Committee – Benita Black is Chair

PARA Board

President: Rex Hagon

Vice President: Konstantine Balkos

Secretary: Marv Chapelle

Treasurer: Interim Treasurer – Marv Chapelle

“We are a small community and each of us must take a role to ensure PARA continues. We welcome your participation. Please join a committee or offer your skills to assist the PARA Board.”

PARA’s Purpose

PARA’s Purpose: To preserve, protect, promote and enhance the character of our neighbourhood. It is your investment too!

Playter Area Residents’ Association is a Registered Non-Profit Corporation.(Incorporated 1982/05/31 #511514).