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Statement of Purpose and Scope

This is the most important and most envied of all committees, as our intent is to engage our community in fun! It serves our neighbourhood well if we know one another, and our purpose is to offer some structured social events to promote those connections.

Our social connection will make our ‘hood feel friendlier, safer and offer a sense of belonging. More than just the default of living in a shared location. See?… the most important committee!

The scope of this committee work is generally undefined and very broad, because it is open to such a wide range of possible activities.  It involves planning and executing events that will be met with interest and enthusiasm, which will include our neighbours at all ages and stages.

Ideally, we would like to create some regular gigs that are fluid in attendance—Local artists performing at Dora Keogh? or Comedy Night at the Black Swan? — as well events that are planned specifically for PARA.

We are always open to suggestions, comments and ideas from the community and welcome anyone interested in serving with us.

The Committee Chair is Benita Black, who can be reached via