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Planning and Development

Statement of Purpose and Scope

The purpose of the PARA Planning and Development Committee is to be vigilant and informed about all matters of urban planning, policy and local development as it may generally or specifically relate to the PARA neighbourhood.

We attempt to be aware of and knowledgeable about local development proposals to ensure PARA’s interests are considered.  Consistent with PARA’s policy, we do not engage with private applications, those whereby one homeowner may want to address a matter about another homeowner.

In conjunction with PARA’s Board of Directors, the PARA P&D Committee represents PARA at various levels of developmental proposals and government, be it joining a working group for a new condo building, writing a letter to our local city councillor or making a submission to the Ontario Municipal Board.

Since PARA’s reformation, members of the P&D Committee have taken part in the Broadview Avenue Planning Study, have engaged with developers who sought to build at the corner of Pretoria and Broadview, attended meetings with the Toronto Parking Authority and the cable car proposal team, monitored historical designation of the Chester School, and, most recently, filed a 16-page submission to the OMB regarding appeals to exemption from the BAPS (see separate post on the PARA website).

Please join us!

At various times our Committee members have come from a variety of professional and experiential backgrounds including real estate, law, planning, design, engineering, historical/architectural designation, social work and the charitable organization sector.  We heartily welcome new members!  Much of our work is shared and accomplished via email with occasional meetings so this is not an onerous commitment.

For further information or to join the committee, please contact  Chair; Liz Lundell at email